Subscriptions :

Yes, at its launch, all of Milinus’ features will be available for free.

  1.     Access to all training programs
  2.     Access to the library of exercises for sports
  3.     Access to the entire community space
  4.     Access to the Recipes & Nutrition area

Health and Prevention :

The Milinus Training System is not designed to accommodate all injuries or other limiting conditions. We encourage you to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if the Milinus training programs are appropriate for your medical condition before starting a program.

High-intensity sports as offered by Milinus are not suitable for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. Of course, after your pregnancy, subject to your doctor’s advice, you can start following Milinus programs.

Each recipe proposed in the Nutrition section is detailed. You will find all the necessary information to know if an ingredient is not compatible with your diet.


All Milinus programs are 6 to 12 weeks in length. They have been designed with the goal of achieving the best possible results for everyone who completes them.


Our advice? Set yourself a goal to reach according to your physical situation and let the Milinus coach guide you: the program will be adapted. To help you follow your progress, you will have evaluation modules at the beginning, middle and end of your program.


You will also be able to follow your morphological evolution thanks to various indicators.

Milinus is able to offer you a personalized training program. For this, many parameters are taken into account: your level of fitness, your objective, the area of the body that you wish to strengthen in priority, the equipment that you have at your disposal and the time that you can give to your training each week.

Depending on your fitness level, the Milinus coach will adjust the intensity of the sessions to allow you to train in the best conditions. It’s all about adaptation and depending on your results the day before, the next day’s workout will be designed differently.

Milinus is an app that has been designed as a social network. Thus, you can share your results at the end of the session with the whole Milinus community or only with your friends, in a story or directly on your profile!

Account and personal data :

If you wish, you can download your personal data:

To do so:

  1.     Go to the Settings of the app
  2.     Click on Contact
  3.     Select Data Management
  4.     Click on Download your data

If you wish, you can request the deletion of your account, you will then no longer be able to access the app.

To do so follow these steps:

  1.     Go to the Settings of the app
  2.     Click on Contact
  3.     Select Data Management
  4.     Click on Delete your account

You can then add a message explaining your choice which will help us improve the app.

Our full Privacy and Data Use Policy is available here.

Support :

You can send us a message via the app.

To do so:

  1.     Go to the Settings of the app
  2.     Click on Contact
  3.     Specify in Type of request: Question or other
  4.     Fill in the description field with your message

Our team will answer you as soon as possible.

We are delighted that you like our brand and want to identify with it. However, Milinus does not grant permission to use or modify its trademarks, name or logo.

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